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Data Guide

You can utilize the filter options available in each chart to view the consumer survey data in a variety of ways. Many charts will provide side-by-side comparison tools so that you can compare one set of data on the left with another set of data on the right. While the filters may vary by chart depending on the data available, here are the different filters you may be able to apply:

  • Age Group: View the data specific to four key generations of respondents aged between 18 and 80. The data accounts for the specific age ranges of each generation as they vary across each Time Period.
    • Gen Z – Respondents aged 18-26 in 2023 (dating back to consumers aged 18-21 in 2018). This age range only reflects a partial segment of Gen Z-aged consumers.
    • Millennials – Respondents aged 27-42 in 2023 (dating back to 22-37 in 2018).
    • Gen X – Respondents aged 43-58 in 2023 (dating back to 38-53 in 2018).
    • Boomers + - Respondents aged 59+ in 2023 (dating back to 54-80 in 2018). This age range reflects the full Baby Boomer generation and a smaller portion of the Silent Generation.
  • Time Period: View the data specific to different timeframes when the data is available.
    • 1H = first half of the year
    • 2H = second half of the year
  • Industry: View data on consumers who have indicated they pay at least one bill relevant to the industry selected. For example, if you select "Utilities," you will see data related to consumers that have paid a bill in this category for the selected time period.